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Driveshaft issues/limiting strap question


I've had the jeep off the road for a year now, did a tub swap, wiring, Pontiac helped me build a custom alum. dash, re-did the cage, etc, etc.

Finally getting towards the end. I built a flat skid plate and raised the drivetrain about 2 inches.

Buggy leaf in the rear and moved the axle back about 4inches. Now I have a huge angle on the driveshaft and not sure what to do. I was planning on using a cv shaft from a cherokee. Looking last night its not going to work if the axle drops any. But its ok at normal position.

Here's my question - I was planning on using limiting straps to keep the axle from dropping to far if the buggy is just way flexy. I was going to have one in the center and one at each end. Knowing that it will flex a lot.

If I was to limit the center from dropping maybe about 1 inch, would that affect the droop of the ends of the axles? The way I see it, the tires would still drop like crazy and the center section would just stay in the correct position...

Any suggestions besides buying a high angle shaft which is out of the budget at this time?
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