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Help a Jeep Newbie on Lift vs. Tire Size

I was always a Chevy Blazer guy (full-size, 74-91), but recently acquired my Dad's '84 CJ7 and I really like it. It is 100% stock with 59K miles.

I want to put some larger tires on the CJ7, but I'm in a quandary ... help me out here. I want large tires, but I don't want to lift the truck much because I don't want the undesirable effects of a high center of gravity. This rules out 35" or larger tires.

So, what I need to know is:

What is the largest diameter tire that can go on an '84 CJ7 (leaf spring suspension) with a 2" lift and won't require any fender cutting and won't rub wheel wells during full articulation or in a tight turn?

I gather from many photos that 33" tires (i.e. BFG M/T's) will fit nicely with a 2" lift, but I am concerned that the tires may contact the wheel wells in certain situations. Will 33's work, or do I need to stick to 32's to avoid any rubs?

Also ... any recommendations of specific manufacturers for lift kits for the CJ7? Any particular kits you'd avoid?


Steve T.
Gilbert, Arizona

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