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Re: soft top woes....

There are plenty more options, depending on what you have available.

Larger screws will have more ultimate holding power.

You can weld the holes closed and redrill them.

You can move over an inch and make new holes, and add some more for good measure.

You can install Riv-Nuts and use machine screws. Riv-nuts are installed like Pop Rivets, but have machine threads in the barrel. You need a special tool to install them. Harbor Freight has the tool for about $16.00.

If you use sheet metal screws again, try this: Instead of drilling the hole, use a very sharp awl and a heavy hammer to punch the hole. Then work the awl into the hole to enlarge it to the proper size for the screw. That bends the metal in and leaves a lot more there for the screw threads to grab, giving it a lot more holding power. Sears has a Craftsman awl that I don't mind using as a punch.
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