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OT-Hyundai Accent Water Pump Replacement

It'a my turn to RANT! This fellow who's been sniffing around my older daughter will probably be my son-in-law some day. Good guy, period. His water pump seized. Smoked the belt off. We filled the rad. up and limped it to my home. I bought the book, Haynes, checked it out, OH my, bought the pump and belts, OH my, and dug in. First off the dumb SOBs put the engine in sideways. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well this little fact put the water pump pulleys about a half an inch from the structural member that I guess is suposed to be like a frame. Good thing the pump was frozen, made getting the four little METRIC(it's my rant and I'll yell when I want) bolts out. The short of it is that I also had to take out: front, errr right motor mount(jack with block of wood under oil pan), crankshaft pulleys/harmonic balancer-held on with one bolt that a pissed off gorilla having a bad hair day after not getting any the night before put on just to be mean-had to make nylon strap wrench for pulley to keep engine(auto trans) from spinning(book says to use a rag and chain wrench), upper and lower timing belt covers, timing belt tensioner, timing belt(mark the dog snot out of it cause as soon as you take the tensioner off it did jump some teeth. Now and only now can you get to the four, that's right only four bolts that hold the pump on. Also when the book says to take off the alternator bracket, take it off. This little thing that only sticks out about a quarter inch will not allow you to slide er out, of course that's after you did more twists and turns that a prepubescent orential gymnist. OH MY!!!! Why?? You know there was plenty of room above the alternator to have a bolt on type pump. ??? Anybody have an idea how much I saved this guy in labor charges? [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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