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Re: Howl when decelerating

You are cracking me up!!!! What in the heck is a dogectomy?? I agree I probably need one!!! I figure that my experience with the dealer will be interesting - appointment on the 20th and I am getting the manifold recall done at the same time - it will pleasantly surprise me if they have any suggestions.

I have ordered REDLINE lubs for Dana 30, 35, NV3550, transfer case and will change each one as time permits - next will be to lube all of the wheel bearings and hopefully somewhere down the line I will solve something??

I have checked all of the levels (except the transmission) and I cannot find a 17mm allen anywhere in town - I am thinking about going to Home Depot and getting a 17mm hex bolt and using two nuts?? or if I see the local Snap-On guy around maybe try and ask him.

I cannot understand why when I rock the TJ hard to the left when doing about 60 it makes the howl and when rocking to the right it does not - maybe I am trying too hard and am getting distracted??

Any more suggestion?? And please explain a dogectomy!!

BTW - Do you know what a tongue-a-lina instrument is?

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