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Re: How 2 loosen serpentine belt on 2000 TJ with Auto?

LEVE you are the best. Thanks for the email... Was very helpful and was what I thought I needed to adjust.... Ok first my apologies for not mentioning its a 4.0. HMMM I did mention I have an auto? Boys and Girls this is what too much alcohol does to the brain... anyway.

So its a I6 and I see that I looked over the tensioner for a bit and it looks like I need to put the Torx socket on the tensioner and it should pull loose from there but I put the torx socket in there and gave it a really good tug and the only thing I did was actually bend the torx socket!

Am I missing something or do I just need to get a better set of torx sockets?

Thanks again for putting up with my lack of brain cells
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