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XJ Front CV Shaft for rear driveshaft questions.

Hi All,

My big summer project is coming along nicely, but it is a little more work than I thought it would be. (typical, I know.)

88YJ, 8.8 rear, 258, auto tranny.

Installing: AA SYE, 1/4" homemade flat belly pan / skid plate, new exhaust, cherokee XJ front shaft for a rear driveshaft, etc.

In removing my factory skid plate, and the transfer case drop, and going with the totally flat pan, and pivoting my rear 8.8 up to the transfer case, it seems the XJ front CV shaft will be at or near it's angle capability to be able to make it work. (My lift is approx. 4" SUA, and 1" longer shackles, and the skid will be from frame rail to frame rail, no drop, straight across. I've got a small body lift to allow for the room.)

Has anyone done any mods to the XJ front shaft to increase its angle capability? I've heard about grinding out some of the yoke components to increase angle-ability. I'm only running a 258, so strength is not a huge concern, but I don't want it to be hacked together either. OR, is it just that I've got too much lift for using the XJ front shaft?

I really can't afford a $300 driveshaft for the project, so I'm really looking to use the XJ shaft if I can. I do not want to have the driveshaft bottom out (angle-wise) when articulating though, as that seems it would lead to BIG problems.

Also, where is the best place to pick up some degree shims? The ones I have are not angled enough to point the pinion to the transfer case.

Thanks for any insight.
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