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Re: Tailgate tent photos for those who asked

I never even noticed Norm

There wouldn't have been any offence taken anyway, I'm lucky when I don't hit two keys with these paws as it is.

Thanks for the well wishes and same for you and everyone else in America Sunday on your Independence Day !

Me and all Canadians are happy to have you as our neighbours. For all our supposed differences, there probably aren't two nations more alike in the world. Maybe England and Scotland, but not likely.

I've got to win some money and see more of America, I always enjoy trips when I travel down. Been to Seattle, Stow Vermont and quite bit of upstate New York but I want to see a whole lot more.

Maybe I'll drive down when I pick up my soft top(future), buy some new mag wheels and get my A/C repaired too ! Getting those things down there would practically pay for my vacation, compared to buying them here.


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