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Re: Got the Summit headers back from Ceramacoating


No I paid to have them coated not really for looks (though thanks Broncomania and Juice) but to try and make them last a few winters up here before they rust out.

The local Cerama-coater normally charges @ $140 American, but he cut me a significant break because they were so short(not allowed to say exactly how much).

Bob I hope to have a closer to new looking truck by Summer's end. Again, with the headers, I'm just killing time until I get my rear quarters back from the paint shop, then I can glue them on.


I'm dying to see the mileage figures too. The 02 sensor change should really help too, so whose to scientifically say which will do more ? I want a repeat of 2 Summers ago when I hit 22mpg on an American sized gallon ! That's gotta be close to a fullsized bronco record.


They were definately 3/8" flange before coating and the welds and bends look to be of good quality. I doubt you could dimple or dent the pipes themselves without really pounding on them with a hammer, they're pretty thick.

Here's the plug wire clearance on the driver's side;

Did everything you see here in 3 hours tonight(from off to on) before I packed it in to go to a cheap Tuesday movie;

I'll finish her up tomorrow and fire that mother up !

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