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Re: Got the Summit headers back from Ceramacoating

Actually they were $159.00

They're made for Summit by Pace Setter headers. I cannot see a visible difference between most unequal length shorty emissions headers. If you ask me they're all copying each other.

The welds and bends look to be of high quality and it has all the features of it's competitors.

I really bought them because I need to change the original 19 year old 02 sensor on my 86 EFI'd 302. All my buddies said don't even start the job without an extra known to be good manifold because it's almost a guaranteed break trying to extract it.

I priced manifolds and shipping, as every junkyard unit was already broken, repaired or missing. Once the pricing was in it became clear I could buy the headers, coat them and still save money compared to busting and replacing the stock 85-86 only R/H side manifold.

The icing on the cake is that these bolt up to this;

This improve custom bent stock position Y-pipe added a pile more torque and mileage and should really compliment and work well with the new smog headers.

I'm sure the new 02 sensor can't hurt things either.

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