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Re: water in engine, kinda OT

Remember inside the motor it is vented and even when running builds very little pressure. The seals are also designed to keep oil in. As in the lip of the seal with the spring points toward the oil.

Now put that motor under water and you have all the pressure of the water wanting to fill the air space inside the block. So it seeps in through the seals and any other place it can but those same spots would probably never leak oil. Kinda like a cars door seal will keep out rain and dust as it is designed for but put the car under water and watch what happens.

Any Marine drive that has a gearcase under water will use 2 seals with one lip toward the water and one toward the oil, or whats a.k.a double lip seal that is the same thing but built into one seal. So one keeps water out and one keeps oil in.
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