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Re: axle question

The awnser to why go so wide is that I have a 1990 chevy frame and with no lift, 38.5 X 14.5 tires. I rub on the frame a bit even after limiting my steering a bit. My truck has the bummer body on it which makes the body itself is 83 inches wide. (Yes I know that is too wide for many trails but thats what I have and at this point would like to eliminate rub.)

I am planning on swaping out the entire running gear (Engine, Tranny, T-case, front and rear axles etc.) all from the same donor truck. When throwing in the new front axle The truck will go up three to four inches from stock height, due to the conversion kit, and the truck will then be running on 40s most likely. Are the ford axles wider naturally than the IFS system I have already? I just need like an inch or so on each side. The question at this point is whether to go with the older trucks or newer and one of the deciding factors is tires that will not rub.

A very crude measurement of my IFS sitting as it is is like 73 inches from nut to nut (Unfortunetly not hubs).

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