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HMMWV Suspension Upgrade

All you "hummer" lovers, I need some help from all you in the real world. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and we are have a big problem with rear springs breaking. I already know that the vehicles are over loaded (please don't tell me to lighten it). We are adding bolt on ballistic protection, loading it with soldiers and all thier gear and ammo and exceeding its inteneded payload. I think if I can get air shocks or air bags (air springs) I may be able to lessen the ammount considerablely. My problem is I have no way to know what the right ones are on line. I don't know all the good places to go. If anyone could provide me part numbers and manufactorers, me and my soldiers would greatly appriciate it. I want to get a few and test them before I buy a lot.

Thanks ahead of time, Monty
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