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Re: Gas like old times!!!!.......Almost

We dropped too up here in Canada

At 79.9 cents a litre that translates into $2.12 American for an American sized gallon.

Pulled in and strapped the fuel feedbag on the old 86 and she proceeded to suck that nozzle dry.

Gotta love a tank big enough to ride out gas wars ! Then you can swoop down on an unsuspecting station and drink in the cheap stuff !

Last year a radio station was pumping gas every friday at 1979 prices. I caught it lucky one day and was fueling up when the radio DJ and station owner came over.

Their eyes bugged out when the pumps tripped over 100 litres, still goin' ! (@27 American gallons). I just smiled and said "just toppin' her off boys, she's not really all that thirsty today". Thought the owner was gonna pass out !

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