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Re: please help with carb issues...

First off IMO Holley carbs suck for anything other than drag racing. You can make them work but you will constantly be fiddling with it. For the Street I love Carter's/Eddlebrocks AFB carb. It's easy to tune and extremely forgiving. I'm not too fond of it for an off camber carb but I know a guy who made it work by blocking a fuel passage. I think the Autolite 2100 carb would work great in your sammy. It's a little 2V carb but the old timers seem to love it as an offroad carb. There is the 2150 too. This one has an air adjustment to the back of it. Here's a good link on the 2100. That's all carb info. Too me it sounds like you are having some kind of timing issue. Is your Vacuum advance working right? Try adjusting the timing at different spots making notes on each change. I'd be willing to bet that it's advanced too much. Also try richening to accelerator pump as you might not be getting enough fuel under hard acceleration. Check for Vacuum leaks as this can cause stumbling as well. If you haven't changed your power valve yet you may want to try that too as each backfire can destroy one powervalve in a Holley and other types of carbs as well. Keep in mind that every adjustment to the carb you make will effect timing and the opposite applys as well. If you know any hot rodders that spend all day trying to find that "sweet spot" you will truely start to understand that tuning is an artform in itself. A change in air pressure can screw all the work up again. Setting things at stock specs is an easier route (which will only work if you have not already swapped cams, ect.) but what fun would that be?
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