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forum answers not helping

Hi everyone,
Just joined up. This is my first post.

I have a 91 Samurai with a 1.3L TBI. The problem is high idle and surging when warmed up. I did search and tried some of the answers but none have worked.
My check engine light is on but I get a code 12. I have replaced the TPS and the MAP sensors. All plug, wires, cap & rotor are new.
I plugged the passageway in the piece with the wax ball and it brought the idle down but it increases as the engine warms. I also turned the washer with the nubs on it clockwise. I must have turned that thing a dozen times with no effect at all. Ive sprayed carb cleaner all over the place but can not find any vacuum leaks. Anyone have anything else I can try. I would really like to fix this myself and not take it to a dealer. The nearest dealer is over fifty miles away. The local repair shop couldnt figure it out.
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