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Re: U joint parts

well i almost always agree with wrath on here, but on this one i don't. he seems to know more about the part numbers for this than i do, but i know that its not worth changing the yoke for (in my opinion) my hybrid u-joint ran me for all of 12 bucks. for that, i couldnt justify changing the yoke.

anyhow. muddy is right. i aske my girlfriend about the u-joints and she said that they only use spice non-grasables in their test. she worked for dana axle corps in the mechanical testing division. her job was to shear axles and break axle tubes and what not to see how much they could take before braking. she said the greasables were alright, but they always failed first. i used to think greasable was best, but having the grease zerk in the "X" of the U-joint weakens it.

one line of thinking is that you want a weak u-joint so that breask instead of the axles. with a 14SF you wont ahev to worry about that. i have wrecked greasable u-joints, but when i had a non-greasable in my Z-71 i twisted the input splines off in the tranny, grenaded the rear end, warped the D-shafts, sheard an axle, grenaded the T-case, and all the u-joint did was twist a little bit. thats saying a lot for somethign that small. all i run now is the non-greasable spicers.
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