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Re: AMC 360 timing issues

Ive done some more investigating and have learned the following;
After using the search function I found a TeamRush post about distributor rotor phasing and investigated. I drilled a hole in the cap in-line with the #1 plug wire. With the engine idling (not too well) and the timing set at 0 degrees I need to crank 45 degrees into my dial-back timing light to see the rotor through the hole. I have moved the distributor 1 tooth in each direction as well as moved the plug wires 1 position each way and no matter what combination of fiddling I use I still need to dial back about 45 degrees to see the rotor line up with #1. I cannot understand whats going on. Additionally, I checked a buddys properly functioning 360 to verify the reluctor positioning on the shaft from the factory. His reluctor has the roll pin just about centered between two of the relucor teeth (same as mine) so I'm thinking that that has to be pretty close to correct. I am totally flummoxed as to what I have learned regarding the 45 degree variance I'm seeing. Tha balancer marks were O.K. approximately 10K miles ago when I put in the cam and I have no reason the believe that thats the problem but something is amiss here and I just don't know which way to go.
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