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Re: Is 4.5 too young for a 90 cc ??

Thanks for the good advice! After reading your post and doing a bit more research myself I have ruled out the 90cc. Our neighbors have a 50cc Eton - that from what the mom says - is more than plenty for her kids ages 3, 5 & 7 . Plan to take my girls over there and give it a test drive and see how they do with it. The also have another type of vehicle for kids - that is from what I gather a supped DOWN go Kart with a shell that looks like a Hummer. They have a Tecumseh (sp?) engine and the mom claims they are a nice step between the battery powered toys and the real ATV's - so we may get one of those first .. but all is still up in the air! These decisions! Summer is coming and we will be ATVing less and boating more so I may just wait till next fall to do anything! Riding around here in the summer is just plain yucky! We go to the place in Palm Bay (the compound) since its very close to our home (20 minutes) and it's like a dust bowl! Husband doesn't mind much .. but that's not for me! :0

JB in FL
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