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Re: big gun pipe. and best motox tires?

I've been running Big Gun for years both on my raptors and currently on my YFZ. I have had no problems with it at all. I did have 1 issue with them right before the Nevada 1000 concerning a Spark Arrestor and they saw my need and overnighted the arrestor to me without any costs. As far as their jetting specs go, they have a few different specs, they have to know everything that is done to the quad in order to give a proper jetting reference. Also, the fuel mixture screw plays a pretty big role in it. As far as the race gas goes, I don't see where that would be any issue for the pipe cracking. So to answer your question, yes I run a Big Gun race series, and no I have not had any problems with it. As far as tires go, I ran Holeshot XCT's in the desert last year and the year before, but now I am running Kenda's for both MX and as soon as it's ready, for desert.
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