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AMC 360 timing issues

I have a 87 360 powered Jeep. That has been treated to an Edelbrock Cam, Carb and SP2P intake with an Edelbrock carb. I have also done the TFI upgrade and installed an MSD 6, all of the emissions stuff is gone. It runs pretty good except that I can't hook up the vac advance for the distributor because it kills the motor every time. Let me clarify, while at idle I can loosen the distributor and manually advance the timing maybe 15 or 20 degrees without problems. However if I apply vacuum to the canister (using a mity-vac) the engine dies before the timing advances to 10 degrees. I replaced the pickup coil fearing that it might be shorting out when the advance plate moves but it didn't change anything. I am at a total loss as to understanding the difference between changing the timing by turning the housing and changing the timing by applying vacuum to the canister. But here I am. I would really like to get the vac advance working properly as I would expect to improve performance and drivability both but the fact that it keeps killing the motor is bad. I am using a good dial back timing light while doing this and the amount vacuum I am applying with the mity-vac (10-12 in.)is less than the engine actually produces (16-18 in.). At present I am running with the timing advanced about 10 degrees at idle (700 RPM). I would really appreciate any input anyone has to offer.
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