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Re: O/T dryer heater element replacement?

Our last dryer that I had to service the drum had to be removed. Just as you describe the back is one piece. That was for the bearing/bushing mount.

Man I replaced that element three times and the bearing twice. When the kids came along my wife had a philosphy of it it hit the floor got washed. She had a career in washing and drying.

Anyway the unit I had the drum covered the element. Now I've seen some that have a seperate ducted (coil in a tube) heating elements. I replaced it so many times that I kept leaving more and more sheet metal screws off. By the time we junked it ...I had a zipper on it.

If you have need to repair a spade terminal on the dryer element DON'T USE ALUMINUM PARTS. You will come back to find the wire a mere few milmeters from the connection burnt and probably open. .

I believe that the "top" of your dryer will "pry" up. You will then have access to the fasteners that hold the front on. The rim in the front supports the drum. In my case, the drum had a ball that sat in a nylon bearing surface in the back. I slight lifting of the drum allowed removal. (You will see a belt going around the drum. This will need to be removed from the motor drive/tensioner before you can pull the drum. This is accessed at the back-lower access panel) This will expose the faulty element. You fish the new element through the ceramic insulators trying to make it "even" in distribution. Stretching of the element was always required.

Good luck'll have saved yourself a decent amount of money and will be renewed in your position of hero [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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