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Re: OT-I\'m having a Garand time! (and regressing.

OP-I've looked at the CMP Garands before, but it's a bit tougher in Alaska to get one! That time and opportunity thing! My grand-dad carried a Garand on Okinawa and a couple other islands during WWII. Could be a bit of the reason I've always wanted one! I don't know about the "Ching" being romantic, but I sure do like the sound of it!

Web--I've got the other rooms covered with some other toys (including a .458 Lott that might qualify as light artillery!). Fortunately the wife understands! Hunting Yotes at those distances with a Garand sounds like a STACK of fun!

CJDave--My dad has talked about M-1 thumb since I was a kid (that is what they issued for training when he was first in the Navy). Between that and having previously owned a M-14 (a cheap chinese copy [polytech] that I got rid of fairly quickly after comparing it to my father's Springfield!) I KNOW I'm gonna get bit, it's just a matter of WHEN! LOL! I know what you mean about cash and opportunity. I've been looking for several years, and finally decided that since I never shot my 29-2 anymore (I carry a stainless 629-1 in the brush) and just happened to have a little bonus money in the pocket I would go to the gunshow. And it happened!

DD--I understand EXACTLY what you are saying! I'm looking forward to taking my dad out to play with this together. He can remember his dad (died in 1999) and his own time in the Navy. He was with me when I picked this up at the gunshow. When we got home he did an impromptu demonstration of a Navy phsyical drill with the M-1, and did a little of the "Queen Anne Salute" something I remember him showing me as a kid!

If you guys are interested, here are a couple of neat M-1 Garand links:

M-1 Garand Feeding Animation

M-1 Garand BBS

The Garand Collectors Association

Surplus Rifle Dot Com Garand BBS

Ya'll have a GARAND day! And thanks!
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