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Re: Manual to Electric Tailgate Wiring?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys, I got caught up in Honey-DUE's!! I could not find a momentary switch that was three way for some reason, so I just got a standard 3-way switch. Maybe at a later date I will find one, but for now that will have to work. I did get it wired up outside of the vehicle just to make sure it worked. To my surprise it did just great!! I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate your help!! Thanks so much!!

I do have one last question before I finish the job though. The wire I currently have to use is 14 awg., the wire from the tailgate appears to be 12 awg. (it is just slightly larger than my 14) and the largest inline fuse I could find (which is 30 amp) only came in 14 awg. Will that be alright? The window seemed to work just fine, but should I go get 12 awg. and/or keep looking for a larger fuse? Thanks again!!!
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