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33\'s or 35\'s?

Here's the dilema:

I came across a deal on 4 brand new 35" ProComp Xterrains for $375. (A deal I couldn't pass up.) This whole time I've been setting up the Commando to run 33". (3" lift on custom springs, and a 2" body lift.)

I'm running a 401, so power isn't necessarily an issue, but with 3:73's and a stock dana 20 T/C, I'm not starting with the best of crawl ratio's. I doubt that even with the 5" of lift that 35's would fit properly w/out some fender trimming. I also have the stock Dana 30 up front which, from reading prior posts, may not be up to the task of 35's. I'm not opposed to trimming if it is worth it for the 35's.

Here's my question: Given the drawbacks (fender trimming, worse crawl ration, more likely to bust an axle, etc..) do the advantages of running 35's over 33's make it worth it to keep them, or should I swap them for some 33's?

BTW, though I do plan on doing some moderate to difficult wheeling, I'm not necessarily a "balls to the walls" type of driver.

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