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Re: What D44 will accept TJ D30 knuckles?

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So my best bet would be to get a 44, and use CJ stuff from the knuckles out? I really would like to have manual hubs, except for some times in the snowy season when "shift on the fly" is nice.

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Id stay away from the CJ stuff, yeh its cheap and there is alot of it around here on the net from the boards and all. But out in the yards, there arent alot of CJ's left around. Ford parts are much more plentiful and can still be bought at the parts houses. Also with the cj stuff you are still stuck buying warn outer axles or try to find some scout outers. Then you still have ok manual hubs if you get the 6 bolt hubs, the 5 bolt hubs are known to be weak. With the full size parts, you get into a much better locking hub. If you still want to be able to shift on the fly, all you have to do is leave the hubs locked, when you think you will need it.

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I'm not on a mission to put a 44 in soon, basically I was going to fiddle around and take my time putting a 44 together with parts that I already have, or could aquire cheaply.

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I know that feeling, ive been collecting parts for two years now to put a trail only jeep together. I need something i can beat on and not care if it is broke for 6 months.

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