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Re: Manual to Electric Tailgate Wiring?

OK then- long posts it is!! An inline fuse is fine for the tailgate circuit. You could even use one of the new style blade fuse holder, with a rubber cap- kinda nice if you ask me. You'll have to use a ring terminal for the battery end, which should have heat shrink to seal it. As a matter of fact, use heat shrink for any connection in the engine compartment. You probably are correct on the wires for up and down, but I'm not sure about the red wire. Also I forgot about the keyed switch in back. Try putting power on the red wire, and turning the key switch in back. Maybe the switch is wired to the motor that way. Check to see if there's wires from the key switch to the window motor. Hopefully there will be. I would say for sure the black one should be grounded. Concerning the new switch for up front- the one I was thinking of should be a 3 position with 3 or 6 terminals. The middle position will be off, and up or down in either of the other positions. Use the middle term for power, and the other 2 terms for up or down, but if its a 6 term switch, make sure to use the terms on one side or another.(All in a row)
One more thing- (geeeeees quit already) If the outside key switch isnt wired up or doesnt work, that's a whole different explanation to post. I dont mind at all explaining this stuff, so if you have any more questions, dont hesitate to ask. Greg
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