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Re: Manual to Electric Tailgate Wiring?


No don't appologize for the long post. I would MUCH rather have someone long-winded than a three word reply!!! I didn't even think about running it right from the battery. I just assumed (yeah I know) that it had to be fused like everyting else, but I suppose an inline fule would do the same huh?

I now have the tailgate mounted and can "roll" it up and down with a battery. My only real concern is that there are four wires coming out of the 'gate. When I hook the negative up to the black wire, either a blue or white rolls the window up or down. There is a third red wire that doesn't seem to do anything, any idea what that is for? I would think that if it were for the key to operate the window it would have a pair of wires?

Anyways, I assume (here I go again) that the black should be grounded to the body and the blue & white would be taken forward to the swich... so whouldn't I have a three terminal swich? One coming in from the battery and two for the swich? Thanks for the advice, I REALLY appreciate it!!!
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