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Re: What D44 will accept TJ D30 knuckles?

Pontiac, mostly I was thinking cost and parts already available. I'm not on a mission to put a 44 in soon, basically I was going to fiddle around and take my time putting a 44 together with parts that I already have, or could aquire cheaply. I figured it would be easier to find just a good housing, and use the good parts I have. The hubs/brakes/axle u-joints all had less than 1k miles on them when I pulled the axle, so that's a lot of new parts to reuse if possible.
So my best bet would be to get a 44, and use CJ stuff from the knuckles out? I really would like to have manual hubs, except for some times in the snowy season when "shift on the fly" is nice. Plus those unit hubs only seem to last me about 10k miles with 35's. (good thing for o'reilly lifetime warranty [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img])
I would probably use wheel adapters on the front instead though so I didn't have to change wheels right away.
Thanks for the input everybody. I just didn't want to get rid of all my good parts if I was going to end up trying to buy them again later, and I was hoping to have a cheap project to work on in my spare time.
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