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Re: Any curling fans out there?

Hey Kev,

My old man was into that curling stuff for a while, they had built a new rink in my hometown, so it was busy for a while.....but other than that, I rarely ever hear about 'round here....not as popular on the coast I guess.
As with many sports, its just another one that I couldn't get into. I grew up in a fanatical hockey town, where you were treated like a leper if you didn't play.....but again, not my bag. I played Soccer til working for a living took over.

How 'bout that Todd Bertuzzi sucker punch this week....he he he, hockey goon sucker punches a guy, breaks his neck, then goes on TV crying his eyes out with appologies, saying he never meant to do it...what a farce. Well, I guess he can watch his team on TV and reflect upon his choices for the rest of the season, if not longer.

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