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Re: How is this for a free engine?

I turned down a free 400 as a swap motor,becouse it had sat to long,it had sat for 5 years and it ran good when it was pulled out. I thought that it would be cheeper to buy a 350 motor from a salvage yard that I could hear run,well after replaceing everything on the newer motor I think it would have been cheeper to do the 400 , the newer motor cost me $300 and like it said I have had to replace almost every thing on this motor,as it turned out I could have been $300.00 ahead if I would have just used the 400. I would try to get the other motor started and see how bad it runs and if it runs good run it till you have to rebuild it. I had to buy headers to make my 350 fit in my jeep CJ,and a custom radiator,and a differant transmission,$750.00 worth of parts and a lot of labor,but now that it is done I love the power. My wife went on a trail ride with me and a few other guys and she told me my jeep sounded better than the other one,YJ with a 4.0,I guess mine sounded like it had a real motor to her. haha!! [img]images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
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