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Re: Tube bumper opinions: Olympic, Smittybilt, other?

My bumper and nerfs have dings from being drug over small dull objects. I also don't like the nerfs because of the gap they leave behind the front tire. I have not caught anything in there yet, and hopefully I have new sliders built before I do. Also the end caps are all loose on my bumper, I am constantly pushing one, on the passenger side, back in. The wall thickness is .094", not really stout. Maybe the guy that bought them bought light stuff, I really don't know if smitty makes different grades. For a CJ7 I really think 3/16" is about minimum thickness for a bumper. For my flatties I have built bumpers with 1/8" wall, and I think that is enough for a jeep that does not see hard trail use. If I was really planning on pounding [img]images/graemlins/chair.gif[/img] them on the trail I would pay the weight penalty and use 1/4 wall tube. If you are not planning on pounding them the smitty might be okay, but if you decide you want the Jeep for a little more trail use, I think you will regret the purchase of smittys.
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