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Re: how rare are d44\'s?

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weren't all or most Sport Packages with the 4.0L optioned with a D44?

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I guess that depends on what dealer you talk to. When I went to buy my tj I was planning to order one with basically what the wrangler X is now, and a 44 rear. They told me it was no longer an option. They had 2 yellow ones on the lot with basically every option for a reasonable amount more than I planned to spend, so I went ahead and bought one of them rather than wait. I later found out that was a lie, and was stuck with a d35. [img]images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]
So as for your odds of finding one, that just depends on how many people in your area bought a new jeep with intentions of using it and ordered a 44. If you find a really good deal, then why not just get it and use the money saved to pick up a 44? You can probably find one for $1000-1500, just figure that into your price.
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