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Re: Need info on South Carolina lift laws.

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valid point, but the code says in excess of 6"...since your's is 4" lift, you're fine

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Thanks for the backup, but 'not so fast just yet'...

Rob indicated he had a
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CJ5 with a 4 inch lift, 36s...

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What were the OE tires? Not 36s... Therefore, w/ 36's Rob is getting close if not over the 6" point. Code indicated it did not matter how the height was arrived at - which would include the increased tire height combined w/ the lift.

Actually though, my post was more a general info thing to all w/ interest as opposed to applicable to Rob specifically.

Rob, if you're a cigar smoker, there used to be a pretty neat cigar lounge down in Old Town Charleston. I also remember a good place for oysters on the halfshell just down &amp; across the street. Finally, though I do not imbibe any more, there was a great microbrewery that had some of the thickest, best-tasting Oatmeal Stout I've ever had. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the names of any of these places. Sorry.

Godspeed in your move.
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