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Re: Solenoid problem

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There is a nipple on the solenoid between it and the inner fender that has no wire going to it???? I grounded it momentarily, and the solenoid buzzed at me? What is supposed to plug into there??

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Nipple?? Well maybe it's a screw terminal. There should be two small terminals and two large terminals. You have three out of four by default connected correctly.

From what you have described the original solenoid failed and was replaced by a slightly different version of the same type solenoid that does not have the coil side grounded internally.

If I remember correctly one of the funny things about the AMC solenoids on manual transmission versions was that the coil ground was provided internally. Simple to jump that "unused" terminal to ground and it should start.

The solenoid is simply a relay, the two small terminals are the low current coil (small wires) and the two large terminals connect the battery to the starter (big wires) when the coil is energized.

Looks to me like you are one small ground wire away from driving that Jeep.

Good Luck
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