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Re: Differences in Narrowtrac D30 outers?

I just measured my spare set, the flange measured 3.345 inches. I also have drum brakes. I couldn't get my calipers into the knuckle to measure, but the existing axles had a flange that looked to be the same diameter, basically the diameter is almost the same as the width of the yoke. Last time I changed a u-joint, I remeber the flange is almost the same size as the hole in the knuckle. The <nobr><nobr><a class="iAs" style="border-bottom:darkgreen 1px solid;text-decoration:underline;color:darkgreen;background-color:transparent;" href="#" onclick="return kwC();" target="_blank" oncontextmenu="return false;" onmouseover="kwE(event,84716);" onmouseout="kwL(event);" onmousemove="kwM(84716);">Jeep</nobr></a></nobr> is a '77 and the spare axles were from a slightly newer model. Hope this helps. The flange is a separate piece, it sounds like it is missing from some of your spares. I think they all should have it. Are you sure it hasn't broken off some of them. The flange is intended to protect the spindle seal.
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