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Lower Ball Joint and Alignment Issue

So I decided I needed to have my 84 CJ7 checked for proper alignment. I had recently done some minor work (new steering stabilizer, new tie rod ends, new sway bar bushing, new shackles, etc.) and thought it would be a good idea. The local alignment shop looked at it and told me that my lower right ball joint was too loose and that it would be pointless to attempt to align until that was corrected. He further stated that if the bottom ball joint was messed up likely the top should be replaced at the same time. He said the left side was fine. His estimated cost for both ball joints was $247 and then the alignment would be $50.

My question is whether this is a job that I could do myself or is the price fair for the described work. Does is make sense to do both upper and lower joints even though only one was diagnosed a problem. I have not done any real work in this area before so I am slightly reluctant but if you guys tell me it is doable without any 'speciality' tools I might consider it.

Any comments, opinions, instructions would be greatly appreciated. By the way the front axle is a D30 if that matters.

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