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O/T Help! 5.0 died (no spark)

OK here's the deal.. 1970 Ford with a 1987 5.0 and OD tranny from a Crown Vic.

Has run flawlessly since I did the swap more than two years ago. The other night it died while driving down the road. Stopped, fired back up. Took off, shifted into 2nd, died again. Hasn't started since.

Here's what I've done: Checked for spark NONE, checked all engine, chassis battery grounds and positives. Checked all power/grounds for computer. All OK

I do not have a multi meter. Checked for power to the coil and also power to the TFI module in run and start. OK. Couldn't find anything else to check without a meter so I threw a coil at it. Wasted $16.00

Any ideas? I've got the distributor out now and module removed. I see what looks like some melting at the bottom of the pickup coil (where the three prongs for the module plug in through the bottom of the dist). Any ideas of other things I can check without having to find the cash for a multi meter.

I think the computer is OK, it still runs the fuel pump as it should. I'm sorta out of ideas and can use any help, suggestions, guesses, shots in the dark, etc. TIA [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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