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Re: Hemoraging Carb!

<font color="blue"> </font color> >as far as the carb i would personally launch that thing towards england and look for an MC2100 to put on it.< <font color="blue">
<font color="green"> </font color> Web you nearly made me spit coffee all over the monitor when i read that :-)I am completly in the dark as to what an MC2100 looks like, let alone why it should replace the carter YF? maybe you could explain the reason why you went for it and why your recommending it?
My 6, was idleing terribly badly, cutting out on step graidiant take offs... i fiddled about with the distributor cap to ease this pain slightly.. but the accelorator cable was my simplest solution- tigthening it to make a richer feed- but because of the slight bleed from day one in the chamber, i thought that not a good idea- rightfully so, as a big rig desal mechanic friend of mine came by the night i posted my delema and turned white when he saw that the gasket seal between the exhaust mount and the exhaust pipe was gone and the petrol was dripping and hissing off of the engine block just above the elbow on the block...
Our biggest concern before sourcing the gasket seal, is the carb... you've been down this road before with yuor 6, that was what i was hoping on when i posted- so bite the bullet and get a replacement then. What is the ball park pricing on an MC2100 web?
I am in County Cavan, near Virginia town- I swear to god, your in the state and im in the county, that sounds like a line from a Johnny Cash song:0) I work as a bar manager in town
and I really want to get my baby up and going so I can tip in out of work in it, the battery is the main reason it flunked out... I have been told I am lucky she didn't ignite months before this-
I could realy use your help and experience on this- on sourcing the MC2100, I have friends in the Kentucky/Seattle and Chicago areas, so thank you for your offer in trying to figure out the mailing of bank drafts etc, but I can finalise that easily enough when(for ever the opptimist) arrises. I look forward to hearing from you again and your 6- what colour is she and how long have you had her? <font color="green"> </font color>
out&amp;over 2u web! [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]
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