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Re: O/T chevy colorado I5

You know that reminds me of the first two or three years of the Olds Tornado. My nephew had one (a 1968) for a while. It had the 455 Big Block V-8 (in the usual way, not mounted sideways!), with the TH350 tranny mounted alongside of it. The front axles passed THROUGH the bloody oilpan! I helped him pull that engine for rebuild once (I can tell a funny story about using a cherry picker on it outside, early in the morning when the ground was the time we had the engine unbolted--including figuring out the front axles-- the ground had softened up and the cherry picker sank into mud! Pulled it forward VERY gently with my Ranger and a tow strap...)Anyhow, that's what it reminds me of!
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