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Re: What wires to get rid of

Thanks pnut, got you back. I did the same thing with the diagnostic connectors and was able to get rid of a few wires but there still are about 20 more than I'd like under there. Isn't there a way just to run the ignition switch, module, distributor, starter/relay, and alternator? There seems to be a lot of BS under there. Anyidea what those 2 relays(?) and that other little black box with diodes in it are? They mount on the battery mount, on the far,passenger side of the engine, right by those diagnostic connectors. It almost seems like I can do without them but I'm a wuss("careful") and won't cut em. I can't remember where they go. Seemed important enough. Anyways, I have both the chiltons and hanes for it and can't make sense of em. the colors seem to me like they're wrong. Most of them are correct but it seems the ones I am most frusterated with are the ones that I can't in the schematics, and I went to school for this(well, electrical was part of my training).
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