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Re: -= Thermostat Installation Question =-

There was a post a week and a half ago from a board member who was getting shafted by another company that he purchased a working tranny from, but proved to be otherwise. Both buyer and seller were in California. He ended up using the small claims court approach to settle the matter. I believe his situation is better now and he has a working tranny. Small claims works really well here.

I would take this approach. I'm sure the laws differ some what from Ca and Tx, but it can't be that much.

I'm sorry to see you in this kind of situation and it really infuriates me to read posts like this. I work hard for my money, ok some days not as hard as i should, but to blatantly screw people out of their hard earned cash just is one of the lowest things people can do. Reasons like this is why i don't pay people to work on my Jeep. As much as i piss and moan and loose my temper at my Jeep I still go back to it. It has never left me stranded and i remind myself of that when i get mad working on it. In short - BE YOUR OWN MECHANIC. I just put in one piece axles, lock right lockers and new brakes last week. Except for the brakes that was a first for me. I didn't make any mistakes that i know of yet and it only took me two days.

Good Luck
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