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Re: manual line locks??

Sorry, I haven't kept up on the dune buggy sites. My dune buggy has been inn storage since 1983. One of these days I'll give it to my son, he used to love standing in the seat and jerking the steering wheel back and forth from the time he could stand.

When he reached the terrible twos, he grabbed the garden hose and stuck it in one of the exhausts, trying to fill it with gas I suppose.

The setup I was talking about is basically two single master cylinders with levers on them. They don't have reservoirs on them but rather connect inline in the rear brake lines. The line from the original master cylinder connects where the reservoir would have been.

You pull the left lever to apply the left brake or the right lever to apply the right brake, assuming you hooked them up correctly. The amount of pull on the levers controls the braking pressure applied, just like a tractor or a dozer. Releasing the lever released the brakes.

If I'm remembering correctly, some also had a third lever in the center with a ratchet mechanism. You would pull up the center lever to lock both rear brakes and then push a button to release them.

I'm not sure how they did it, but there was something special about them so that if the brake pedal was applied, they didn't let fluid in behind the cylinder if the lever was pulled.

I'm just guessing that they still make such a thing. It was years ago that I saw them added.
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