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Re: manual line locks??

Here's a write up the H8 did on his:

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I dont have any diagrams, but they are very simple. And I have a few pics.
The 2 line locks are mounted at the rear axle on a bracket,(It sure seems like I spend a lot of time making brackets).

The brake lines are ran from the "T" at the axle to each line lock and then to there respective brake assembly.
The line locks are controled by a single wire to each unit( plus their ground wires, at the bracket), running from a set of switches on my stick shift.

To operate you simply press the brakes, then push the button the side you want to actuate, when you release the brakes, the side that is locked stays locked due to the fluid being held in check by the hydraulic solonoid(line lock), the indicator light next to the switch indicates if that line is actuated or not.

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