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Re: -= Thermostat Installation Question =-

If the thermostat in the 2.5 mounts the same as the 4.0, there is no way you can put it in backwards. There just isn't the room. The reason is that the block side of the thermostat is long. It has the spring on it. If you put it in backwards (short side in), the housing/neck assembly that bolts onto the block and holds everything together won't fit. It just doesn't have the clearance inside to accomodate the large spring assembly. The neck assembly will be about a 1/4" from making contact with the block. Now this is on a 4.0/4.2. Not exactly sure on the 2.5, but I find it hard to believe that you can put in backwards.

Now if the new thermostat was bad (does happen) and it stuck closed, the engine would heat up faster and fluid wouldn't circulate through the block. The pump could over pressurize the radiator and blow it out the over flow. It should go out the over flow long before any damage is done to the block. But if your pump was bad, then I doubt that would happen! Was the water pump squeeling at all, like it had a bad bearing? That is where they commonly fail. I think your second shop is pulling your chain.
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