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Hemoraging Carb!

I have a 74 CJ6
Engine number; E645337
(its an inline straight six cylinder)I would love to know its true identity tho...
Carb; Carter YF 643_ (the fourth character is iledgeable)

I have the Chilton Jeep CJ/Scrambler 1971-86 repair manual & "the exploded view of the carter YF carburetor used on the 6-232 and 6-258 engines" is very similar to what's on my fuel system, except I have a 'coiled spring'where, in the Chilton repair book says the "17. Choke Rod" should be...

My prolem is that petrol/gasoline is pouring out of the bottom of the main body of the carb, once the ignition is turned on and the engine reving. I believe an internal diaphram has erroded(?)But I really dont know whats ging on where or why, but its way too dangerous, so I need help...

Please can some of you who have had this problem before- and forgive me if I am boring you to death by asking an age old question for the umpteenth time- enlighten me....
A) Can you ID the Carb & engine exaactly for me?
B) Is a re-build the best option and viable?
C) or Should I pull it out and replace it with a new one?

I live in Ireland, this tiny wee island just east of the U.S of A & sweet Canada, unfortunatley more than a stones throw away & spare parts requistioning is non-existant here for classic Jeeps.
D) so could you steer me in the right direction, once I know the pieces I need for my CJ6, to a tried and tested company ( If I'm lucky it may actually mail out to me here in Europe?)

Thank you so much in advance for your advice and guidance.
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