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What wires to get rid of

I just put in a new(rebuilt) 4.2 into my Jeep about a month ago. It has the Weber 32/36 carb. I couldn't find much on this when I searched. I'm wanting to clean up the engine bay and get rid of all those wires that go no where. I just don't know the importance of some of them. It would be nice to get rid of everything but the stuff I need. I know I need the wires for the:
1. alternator
2. starter
3. distributor
4. battery
5. choke
6. and the gauge senders
I would like to have only those wires ran. I just don't know about the other ones like
1. to the "computer"
2. ignition contol mudule(probably)
It is a mess under there as some of you probably know. If someone could help me out or give me tips on cleaning up the mess I would appreciate it much.

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