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airbag suspension info?

yes i did a search.

jeep is a cj7 with 2 inch lift

my project
airbag suspension with leafsprings.

in my search on this board i have found a few members that had the same idea as i have but never found out if they followed through with it.

airbags will be use to suplly an added 3 inches of lift. and have the ability to lift an aditional 3 inches for situations that need that extra hight.

for the FRONT the bags will be attached at the top of the bag on the inside of the frame rail and the bottom will fit in to a cup that is located to a bracket on the side of the diff housing. at full droop the bottom of the bag bracket will slide outwards in the cup but still be able to be relocated when the tire comes back up.

the back there will be one airbag attached to an A shaped metal frame. the point of the A will be attached to the t-case crossmember and the legs of the A will be attached to the top of the axel tube. the cross member of the A will go up and over the drive shaft and pinion. the air bag will attach to a frame cross member and to the A cross member. johny joints will be attached to the point of the A where it attaches to the t-case cross member, and at the legs on the axel tube. also where the airbag attaches to the A's crossmember.

there will be 4 air valve selonids. one to add air to the rear air bag. one for each side in the front. and one for an air tube that links the 2 front air bags.

the reason for a air tube to link to front 2 air bags is so that when one is conpressed the other will be filled.

for on road driveing the selonide that links the 2 front airbags will be closed so that they will both be stiff and not flow from one to the other.

i know it will be an intresting project and cost some $$$ i love taking on a challange.

the airbags will be doubble convoluted firestone bags with a 10 inche stroke.

in the front they will be mounted so that at that the axel will hit the bumpstop just before the bag is fully compressed.

now the question is why????

i want lift when i need it and want the flatter flexier springs and a low center of gravaty when i need them.

air up when high centerd, water, mud,
air up one side in front and air down the other side in front when driveing across a hill.

front approach angle. air down the back all the way air up the front up all the way.

most rock crawling and trail riding will be done with the bag aird all the way down or 1-2 inches of lift.

if i want to load my jeep up i wont be sagging and wearing out my leaf springs.

what do you all think?????

any questions comments ???

does anyone know if something close to this has been done and do they have a website?

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