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Need To Confirm 350 TBI info

Hi guys...just a quick quesiton...I figure if you can't answer it then I'm in trouble.

I just procured a 350 TBI with auto tranny. Includes wiring harness, computer, fuel tank, etc. $500.

It was pulled out of a wrecked truck about 2 years exact details are kinda scetchy. He thinks it was a 94 and had low mileage.

I looked at the engine in the dark and it looked real clean. The TBI has 2 injectors and I believe the heads were aluminum...I couldn't tell if the tranny was the 700R or the newer electronic version. The cooling fan was belt driven.

How can I confirm the year...verify the tranny...etc? And where can I get detailed info (schematics) on the wiring.

I will be droping this into my 84 CJ Jeep. (Yes, Jeepers can have something in common whith Chevy guys).

Any advice, suggestion, etc are welcome.
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