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88 2500 automatic?

I'm looking at an 88 2500 pickup, @120k miles with 4WD and an auto, I assume its a 700r4??? The owner says that the tranny keeps going back and forth between 3rd and OD around town but if you put it in 3rd its fine and if you put it in OD on the highway its okay. To me this sounds like the tranny is starting to go, it seems to be common for them to lose 3rd and OD eventually from what I have read. Am I most likely correct or could this be something as simple as a cable adjustment or fluid/filter change? I have been looking at rebuilt trannys and although the truck is only $2000 another $1000 for a new tranny isn't really in the budget right now. I would be using this as my DD and occasional tow rig for my Jeep. Any help or ideas would be appreciated as well as anything else to check out on the truck.
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